Interesting database tool: Adminer

No, it’s not a tool to extract extra revenue from Google Ads. Adminer (which I guess is pronounced admin-er, rather than ad-minor) is a nifty little tool that competes with phpMyAdmin, the web-browser-based MySQL administration tool. What is interesting from my perspective is that it’s been so successful that it now also supports PostgreSQL –as well as SQLite, Oracle and SQL Server (so it also competes with phpPgAdmin).

Nifty, in the sense of “quick, agile,” is an apt description for Adminer: adminer-3.1.0.php weighs in at only 292kB and that single file is all you have to download and install. If you prefer an English-only version it’s just 188kB (there are also MySQL-only versions that are smaller yet).  It installs quickly, provided you have Apache and PHP already installed, and its responsiveness is admirable.

But perhaps what I found most impressive was its ability to display the database schema.  Here is Adminer showing the schema for the “movies” database I’ve been using in recent posts:

Its MySQL roots are visible in some places, e.g., in the table display below, the SERIAL column language_id is shown as Auto increment:

Overall, a very responsive, easy-to-use tool for administering a database.

Hat tip: Selena Marie.


2 thoughts on “Interesting database tool: Adminer

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