First release of Pyrseas

just a quick note to announce that the first release of Pyrseas is now available as follows:

Github Git repository. You can report any issues there.

Python Package Index  Source tar archive.

PgFoundry Source tar archive.


You can of course leave comments below, but there is also a general mailing list available at PgFoundry, which also hosts forums.

My deepest thanks to the PgFoundry team for all the support tools.

In addition there is a website which is currently mostly bare, but I hope to upload the documentation soon. Update: The initial documentation is now available here.

Pyrseas was developed on Debian Linux with PostgreSQL 8.4, and also tested against 9.0, using Python 2.6, psycopg 2.2 (also tested with 2.4), and PyYAML 3.09. I intend to test on Windows, but I’ll be thankful if some adventurous soul tries it out first.

3 thoughts on “First release of Pyrseas

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