PostgreSQL Conference Brasil 2011

This Thursday and Friday I’ll be attending PGBR 2011 in Brazil (No! not that Brazil, although I do recommend the movie). Looking at the schedule, here are my tentative picks:

Day 1

Deciding on what to attend on the first slot is tough:  Bruce Momjiam talking about MVCC, Dave Page on the new SQL/MED features and Alvaro Herrera on locks and more locks. I’m inclined to go to Dave’s PostgreSQL at the center of your dataverse.

Next, we have a choice between VMWare vFabric, a case study featuring pgBouncer, and a presentation about window functions. My preference: Window Function – Por um SQL simples e melhor( (Window Function – Towards a simple and better SQL).

After lunch it’s between a review of the TODO list, followed by administrative functions, horizontal scaling with pgPool, or a round table.  I’ll probably go to the Round Table: “The PostgreSQL market in Brazil.”

After a break, the choices are: a case study on municipal usage, followed by GeoSpatial, statistics and monitoring, or benchmarking. Greg Smith’s Bottom-up Database Benchmarking gets my election.

Day 2

To start off the second day, there’s another international Postgres trio: Koichi Suzuki on Postgres-XC, Greg again on performance, and Jaime Casanova on 2ndQuadrant’s repmgr tool. The PostgreSQL Performance Pitfalls talk is the one that holds my interest.

Continuing, we have a choice between scalability and buzzwords, followed by a talk about a PG-based retail trade application, Dickson Guedes on PG 9.1 extensions, or OLTP good practices followed by a bidirectional replication case study. I think I’ll go to Dickson’s Estripando o Elefante – dividindo seus problemas em problemas menores (Gutting the Elephant – Dividing your problems into smaller ones).

After lunch the talks are: everything you wanted to know … but were afraid to ask (no, it’s about Postgres), a PL/pgSQL tutorial, and Bucardo replication followed by pgMind (a decision support tool). My selection: Dojo de programação PL/pgSQL (PL/pgSQL Programming Dojo).

The last slot offers two case studies, one on mobile messaging applications and another on municipal uses, and my choice, Meu ambiente cresceu e eu não planejei. E agora? (My environment grew and I didn’t plan. Now what?). Lightning talks follow.

As you can see, a very busy two days and a variety of topics. I look forward to meeting Brazilian and other Postgres enthusiasts. I’ll try to report on the event a week or so later.


4 thoughts on “PostgreSQL Conference Brasil 2011

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