The Future of Pyrseas, revisited

Over two years ago, I lamented that this blog had remained silent for too long and about the lack of development activity on the Pyrseas project. I also announced immediate and longer term plans. Pyrseas 0.8 was finally released before the end of last year.

From time to time we get interest in Pyrseas, sometimes from people who use it in unexpected ways. However, my own interest in developing it further and actual commits have been declining considerably. I probably spend less than four hours a week on it. Therefore, I’ve decided to put the project on life support. I will attempt to notify owners of open issues via GitHub as to this status. I may continue to work on some issues or enhancements but on an even more reduced scale. If requested, I’ll make maintenance releases as needed. Should any enterprising developer want to take it over, I’ll gladly consider handing the reins.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed, inquired or shown interest in Pyrseas over the past eight years. In particular, I’d like to extend my gratitude to Daniele Varrazzo (not only for his contributions to Pyrseas but also for his work on Psycopg2), Roger Hunwicks and Josep Martínez Vila.

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